July 22, 2024

PPC – Benefits and a killer call to action (cta)

Good Morning ,
Last week we wrote about getting more views to your website by using PPC ads. Now we are going to get into a number of tricks for crafting compelling, clickable ads.
First up: The basics of every ad, features, benefits and a killer call to action (cta).
Ads that sell have compelling benefits and a strong call to action that address what your prospects are looking for. Keyword stuffing does NOT sell.
You are limited by Google to two headlines of 30 characters each, an 80-character description and finally two 15 character URL path fields. That means you must have an in-depth understanding of your business, what your prospects are looking for and your unique selling proposition. If you are lacking in any of these areas, do not continue. You need to work on your ad first. If you need help, call me.
No one wants to read just a list of features, but they will read about benefits if the benefits fit them. To get to the core benefits, take one feature and answer the question “what that really means is…”Do this at least three levels deep for each of your features. When you have finished, use these core benefits to craft a few calls to action for each. Pick the 2-3 strongest combinations and start creating your killer text ads.
As you craft your ad, try to start a conversation with your prospect, avoid being vague about deadlines, highlight your unique sales proposition and make sure you have a strong call to action.
Next time: URLs
Till next time.