July 22, 2024

A Calculated Risk

Good Morning

Wednesday I went to my leads group (by the way if you want a FREE lunch, be my guest and I’ll pay for your lunch; contact me for information) and we were talking about many things.

One was why become a member of such a group? As one member stated, we meet once a week and as we get to know each other you become top of mind, so when someone needs an insurance agent or telephone company we think of our fellow members. In other words, we get to know, like and trust about 20 other people who we can refer and they us.

We also talked about how business owners are a “bit different” from everyone else. Yes they are! Successful small business owners tend not to follow what everyone else is doing. If everyone is going in one direction, they go in the opposite.

Commonly they will take action and will be told “you’re crazy to do that.” Sure a lot of time they will fail or realize it was a mistake, but when they succeed they do it big and their businesses do well. Most successful owners just do not take action without doing their research, weighing risks vs. rewards and really think before they take action. They do all this very quickly so it looks as if they are not analyzing their risk.

Remember, small business owners can not afford to lose money and resources on risky actions.

So yes, business owners are a “bit different” from everyone one else, but is that so bad?

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