July 17, 2024

Acting Quickly Wrongly

Good Morning ,
I drive on the area freeways quite a bit. What I have been seeing lately is cars crossing very quickly from the far left-hand lane to far right-hand lane or from the right-hand lane to the left-hand lane. The worst is entering the exit lane just before the exit lane barrier or leaving the exit lane just before the barrier all at 50 mph or more. Sooner or later these people will surely cause an accident.
It seems to me these people suddenly realize that they are in the wrong lane and immediately take corrective action, others be damned.
Sounds like a lot of businesses. They all of a sudden realize that they need more business or that a holiday is upon them and they have to get something out. So it’s rush, rush, rush to get it out, and this is when mistakes happen. Like putting the company’s fax number on an invitation instead of the phone number because the owner was too busy to proofread the invitation and just signed off on it.
Most of the time, mistakes caused by rushing can be prevented just by planning and taking your time. We all know when holidays come around, but people still wait until the last minute and act as if it were a surprise event!
If you are tracking your sales, then you know when you need to push for more sales!
Planning, looking ahead, as you were taught in driver ed. or that defensive diving course you took to take care of that ticket, is what successful businesses do!
Speaking of which, the first quarter is just about over. How were your sales: on target, over, or short? What about second quarter?
Planning needs to be fine tuned a bit? Just give me a call and we’ll help you get back on track so mistakes and accidents happen to the other guy!
Till next time.