July 23, 2024

Business owners, enjoy the holidays, but now is the time to beat out your competition easily

I hope that you all are having a great Christmas holiday. This is also the time of the year that most businesses are closing the books on 2013 and looking forward to 2014. For some, business has been slowing down all month long and just about comes to a stop this week and next. For others, it is the busiest time of the year.

Now is also the time when you as a business owner should (if you haven’t done so already) plan out how you want the coming year to be. Is it going to be just like this year, better or worse?  Most owners just like to wing it. You know, “fly by the seat of their pants.” I friend of mine says that when you wing it, you get wing it results. I know it’s true; if I don’t plan out my business, the results I get are subpar, to say the least. You know what that means; basically, having a hard time paying bills!

When I started my company in 1994, I did anything and everything for anybody. From business cards to full marketing and advertising campaigns, I did it. Soon I narrowed down my focus to direct mail marketing.  But I was still winging it. Slowly I learned that by planning how you want your business to look you can get what you really want out of life.

I know that I’ve gotten tired of getting “wing it” results in the past, being angry or a bit resentful that my life is not going the way it should or not doing as well as everyone else.  How about you? Well I’ve found out that it’s not all our fault. We were never shown all the steps in marketing our business for our success.

One of the first steps is going through a process like I do, so that you can have a very rewarding 2014.

  • List your goals and objectives for the coming year
  • Explain how to achieve them
  • Identify what makes your business, not you, unique among your competition
  • Develop an avatar of the customer you want
  • Find out where they (your customers) are
  • Offer them products/services that they need
  • Stay in contact with them on schedule so they don’t forget or leave you
  • Have them come back and buy from you on a regular basis

Let me give you an example of this:

What makes my business different from my competition is that we help small to midsize businesses integrate direct response marketing with their internet presence, such as their web site, email, and social media so that they can keep their current customers, get back their old ones and bring in new customers.  

 When I say small to mid size business, I mean, business owners who are either solo entrepreneurs or have up to 20 employees. These business owners are looking to get ahead and tend not to follow the crowd. They know that taking calculated risks has always been worth it. They are the ones at the front of the pack, the ones others talk about and envy! They are the 1 out of 100. 

  Or they are the business owner who is like the one above who so far has not gotten there but wants to be and is doing everything they can to get there. They want to learn and are willing to pay for it. They have a great sense of urgency to get to the top as soon as possible. They have a reason. They might have to prove to someone that they “can do it.” Maybe they have been told that “it can’t be done,” or “you’ll never make it.” Maybe they were once underestimated, ridiculed, put down and excluded. They might have done without for a long time and now they want it.

 I know that these types of business owners are the movers and shakers of the chambers and other groups. They will be part of leads or networking groups looking for their own ideal customer. They tend to go to seminars and workshops so that they may pick up one thing that might help them with their business or give them the one idea that will make it all worthwhile.   


After you’ve done all that, you can put together what products and services you want to offer and then develop your marketing and budget around that. It used to take me a month or two to get through the process.

 Here is the secret that I learned to get through it a whole lot faster:

Have someone help you who’s done it before.  Now, you can pay the tens of thousands of dollars or more to great coaches such as Joe Polish, Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Kevin Thompson, Mike Crow, Keith and Travis Lee, Peter Sun and others or you can let me help you.

Here is what I’m offering you so you can have a successful 2014. For the next 2 weeks or until I have all of my time slots filled, I am offering “Quick Start to Kick Start Your Business in 2014.” 

This program is one I have developed from the combined knowledge of the coaches and mentors that I use. The program consists of three one-on-one meetings that will:

            • Define your target market
            • Locate where your ideal customers are
            • Find out how much they are worth to you
            • Explore what makes you different in the minds of your customers
            • Discover what you can really afford to spend to get a customer
            • Develop the basic foundation of your marketing plan with a budget
            • And give you a quick start plan of action.


As I said, you can spend the next 2 to 3 months or almost a quarter of 2014 to do it yourself, or you can get my help and turn it out within 3 meetings and get a jump on 2014 and more importantly your competition. It’s up to you.

Your investment in your future is only $450.00.

As an added bonus, the first 10 who schedule “Quick Start to Jump Start Your Business” will also receive a Galaxy Tab 2, 7.0 inch tablet. Reserve your meeting NOW!

“Phil’s  “Quick Start to Kick Start Your Business Growth” program  has really helped grow my business. Before meeting with Phil, I realized I was spending way too much time and money taking the “throwing the seeds everywhere to see what takes root” approach instead of defining exactly who my target market was. Phil took me through his program to identify my target market so I now spend my marketing dollars in a more efficient manner and see much better results. Every business owner needs to know who his or her market really is, and Phil can help identify it quickly and easily. Thanks, Phil!”

                                                          Sandy de Lara, Tutor Doctor

 Let me make this promise and guarantee to you:

If you’re not completely satisfied with what we have accomplished by the end of the last meeting, just return the materials you have received then I will refund your fee to you.  If at the end of 2014, you have followed the marketing plan and you do not make at least 10x the amount of your fee then I’ll refund 100% of my fee.

Why would I make such a promise and guarantee? I am well known and respected; my reputation is on the line. The last thing I would want is to run into you in a crowded place and for you to call me out over this.

So what do you have to lose? Your risk has been reduced to zero. But you will lose if you wait too long thinking about it. This offer is only good for the next 2 weeks or until I fill up the time slots, whichever comes first. This offer is being seen by your competition and times will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis, so act now before it’s too late. Get your time slot, now!

This is the time of year most people make New Year’s resolutions; you’re making them as well. Studies show that resolutions are broken within 30 days. Now, here is your way to keep your business resolutions going all year long. Keep the promises that you have made to yourself and others. You have the opportunity and the plan for achieving more in 2014.

Everyone dreams about how they want their life and business to be, but few are willing to invest to make it happen.

Success doesn’t just happen, like winning the lottery. You have to take action.

If you want to be the envy of your competition, the one that they say was lucky or an “overnight success,” instead of being in the middle of the pack or even worst looking foolish by trying to catch up to everyone one else. Let me know that you’re ready to take action! 

To your success in 2014,

Phil Freedman

P.S. Get a jump on 2014 and your competition with Quick Start to Jump Start Your Business before the year passes you by.

 P.P. S.  Remember, there is no risk to you, with our 2 way money back guarantee. So what are you waiting for? Order Now, the $450 fee can be charged on your credit card and if you’re one of the 1st ten you will receive a Galaxy Tab 2, 7.0 inch tablet  

“With Philip’s help and ideas we were able to build our business to make it as successful as it is today.”         David B. Medina, Forest Ridge Funeral Home