July 18, 2024


Good Morning ,
I have 5 in my office and use them all multiple times a day! At home we have several, and my wife gets great joy using one each day!
I’ve been writing about planning for the fall and end of year. This week I want to talk about a great way to get the word out about your business all year long, but now is the time to act for next year.
I’m talking about printed calendars. Yes, they’re still around and people still use them. Eight nine percent of people who receive a promotion calendar are likely to use it. For all you people who use a digital calendar, 86% of you also use a printed one. Printed promotional calendars are a great way to remind your customers of your business every day of the year for just pennies a day.
I have 5 in my office, a full year at a glance, a big 3-month one that shows last month, current and next month — great for planning –and a good size monthly one with nice photos, which I like. This year it is covered bridges. The other 2 are small personalized ones with my name throughout.
Calendars are viewed as a thoughtful gift, more than just an ad, with year-long high visibility that keeps your name and brand relevant. In fact promotional calendars generate 850 impressions throughout their lifetime.
Not sure about the power of printed calendars? When you visit people’s homes or offices look for calendars and count how many you find. An average household has at least 2 and business 2.5 calendars.
Need more reasons to use calendars as a year-round way to promote your business? Contact me and I’ll put you in touch with a calendar expert. By the way, my wife has a small magnetic refrigerator calendar from a real estate company where she crosses out each day as it ends. It gives her great satisfaction plus she see that company each day.
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