July 15, 2024

CEO Roundtable More

Good Morning,
Last week I wrote about wanting to form a CEO Roundtable and invited those interested in being part of it to contact me. I found out I forgot to mention one important detail. People wondered if there was a cost involved in being part of this group. There is no cost. This is a FREE group. So if you were interested but worried about the expense of belonging to this group, put your mind at ease, but do contact me if you’re still interested.
Here is your chance to take advantage of a great opportunity! Reserve your seat now!
We are about three weeks away from Labor Day, and here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area children are heading back to school. You know what that means, right? Fall, the holiday season and the end of the year are right around the corner. Now is the time to get ready for it while you still can. So start your planning now to be ready.
Till next time.