July 15, 2024

Danger, Danger Will Robinson

Good Day
This week I found out that someone has been using my business phone as their caller ID number. They are calling people and not leaving any message on their voice mail if they can’t talk to them. People are calling the number (my number) that shows up on their caller ID and asking who from this number is calling them!
I explained that no one had called from this phone and was told no, someone called and now they want to know why I called.  After a number of these calls, I asked one what their caller ID display was and he read off my phone number. Now I tell them the call was a scam call from someone using my phone number.
I also asked another, “Do you always redial ‘missed calls’ especially when there is no voice mail message?” Yes was the reply. The next one who calls me, I’m thinking of telling them to send me some money. No reason; just send money (hey, I got bills to pay). Hopefully they’ll ask why and maybe even tell me no or hang up on me.
Let me tell you, once you call back one of these scammers you have verified the phone number and now they can recontact you.Sometimes they will even sell your information to be used by other scammers. They will not leave you alone. So when you get a missed call with no voice mail message and you don’t recognize the number, remember the great words of the robot from “Lost in Space” “Danger, Danger, Will Robinson.”
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