July 17, 2024

If you have all the business you need….Do Not Read This Message.

Good Morning

If you want more business, read on

 In last week’s marketing tip, I wrote about how you need to reach out to your customers at least 3 to 4 times within a short period of time.

As you know, of all advertising media, direct mail is the one that targets most efficiently and cost-effectively. To help you reach out and grab the attention of your customers, I am offering you 3 sets of 500 jumbo personalized (5 ½ x 8 ½) color post cards all mailed within 45 days. This special offer includes assistance with the artwork and copy, printing, addressing and Postage. All you do is supply the list and I’ll do the rest.

Your normal investment is $.93 per card ($1395).

Since this weekend is Labor Day, I’ll discount my labor and services by $450! Your Labor Day Special is only $945 or $.63 per card.

To get this great deal you must call 817-282-0443 or email me at tfc@thefreedmancompany.com before 9 am Tuesday, September 3rd.

Ask me about my prepay discount, and yes, I can accept credit cards for this attention-grabbing offer.

 Need a list? Call me at 817-282-0443 or email me at  TFC@TheFreedmanCompany.com to get more information.

 Remember – Great Things Happen, But You Have To Take Action, NOW!


The Freedman Co.


P.S. Vacations are over, school has started, Now’s the time to target your customers before everyone else does!