July 17, 2024

It Work’s

Good Morning,
Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day!
I got my first Covid-19 shot Wednesday over at Globe Life Field. I was worried about finding the parking lot, the long walk to where they were doing it, long lines, mass confusion and the pain of the shot (I really hate shots).
Well, I found the parking lot with no problem, and Arlington police directed people where to park. I found a spot (of which there were plenty) close to the entrance. FEMA was running the site, but the Navy and Marines were the ones helping people; they took my temperature as I entered the building. I was then given a card with a QR code, web site and access code. As I was trying to scan in the code a young sailor came up and explained that the codes were not scanning and offered to pull up the web site for me and also put in the access code. I was then given the phone back to put in my name, address, email and answer a few questions about my health. This all happened as I was walking to where a Marine would check the information on his computer and verify my ID. I was then walked to the end of the table to get my shot. Which really did not hurt. I was done in about 15 minutes and then went to the waiting area for another 15 minutes.
I spent some time looking at the ball field and talking to one of the Rangers’ guides about the roof and how they brought in and out the dirt they used for the Rodeo a few months ago, then went through the whole process of getting the shot. All told I was in and out within an hour.
What impressed me was how well FEMA and the military ran the whole operation. This is how our government should work, a fast smooth operation. Or maybe that’s just Bill Gates’s microchip talking (I’m kidding)!
Here are photos from inside Globe Life Field.
Till next time.

Globe Life Field
Sign view