July 18, 2024

Jump Starting Your Business

Good Morning

This week I have been attending Dan Kennedy’s Magnetic Marketing: From “Annoying Pest” to “Welcome Guest” Challenge! This is a five- day, two-and-a-half-hour zoom conference. There are many reasons I am attending this conference, even though I have been studying with Dan Kennedy for 15-20 years and I know and employ most of the materials this conference is covering.

The reasons include that it a good review, I always pick up something new, a friend was one of the speakers and I wanted to see what he had to say, and most important, it jogs or jump starts me into action on moving my business forward.

Some of the items that I want to get done ASAP are

  • Redoing my USP’s
  • Finishing my web site
  • Reviewing my packages
  • Getting the word out (developing systems)
  • Writing my book (maybe doing a series of webinars that can be turned into the book).

This is after just three days!

For me the interaction with like minded people helps get me off my behind and gets me into gear to move myself and my business forward.

What do you do to jump start yourself and your business? How do you move yourself and your business forward?

Till next time.