July 23, 2024

Lost Opportunity

Good Morning {First Name}

Today I got a coupon from Scooter’s Coffee. It was printed on thick postcard stock, in full color and a big 4×6 size. The offer was half off any drink and only good at one location. The coupon was designed for when the store first opened (the headline was, “Hello neighbor! See you soon”), but it can be used for any new customers, since the expiration date is a year out.

The coupon looks like an effective device for bringing in new customers. The big mistake I see is that Scooter used only one side of the card. The backside was blank! They could have printed a lot of things on the other side – a map, their hours, the website, all of the above.

Now some of you might say it would cost them more to print on the other side. Well I did a little research. I use a national color printer (yes, I offer limited printing services) to print business cards, postcards, sales flyers and other items for my clients. They have printing plants all over the country, and one of their plants is about 15 minutes from my office so it’s like a large local printing company.

Side note – most small printer do not do their own full color printing, they job it out to a number of big national trade only printers.

Anyway, I checked their prices for printing 1,000 4×6 postcards. i looked at printing on one side only, printing full color on one side and black ink on the other, and full color on both sides. What I found was the prices were all the same!

There was no difference in cost!

It’s because of their printing process that it does not cost you any more for the backside. You can have a secondary message for just the design charge. The point is to use both sides, even if you repeat your message. Sometimes the big boys don’t know what they are doing and waste resources. Don’t follow them and use just half your marketing resources when you can be using it all!

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