July 18, 2024

New Product and more

Good Morning 

I wanted to cover a few things this week that can help you in promoting your business:
The first item I want to cover is your email signature. In the course of a day, how many emails do you send out? How do you end your emails, just your name and title, maybe your company name and contact information? You need to add a tag line that is a plug for a product or service that you offer. This is a great way to remind the people that you communicate with day in and day out about what you do or new thing you do. Here is what I am currently using:
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Philip Freedman

C.A.R.E.Your Doctor of Customer Acquisition, Retention and Enhancement


My Marketing Cure

951 W. Pipeline Rd. #444 Hurst, TX 76053
Is your signature helping your business?
Next, what are you doing to grow? The old saying “if you’re not growing you’re dying” not only applies to your business but to you as well. Are you continuing to learn (I know some of you have to take C.E.U.), reading, going to seminars, workshops, online learn experiences? I am currently reading Dr. Malcolm Upton’s “Silver Bullet Marketing.”  The book will be available from Amazon soon. Last month a went to a multi-day marketing boot camp and realized I’m missing out on pod casting so now I am also learning how to do pod casts. 
Are you doing anything to grow other than sitting on the couch playing games or watching TV all the time?
Finally, I will be launching a new product either next week or the week after. The “Monthly Vitamin Pak” will give you a way to get the honest answers to your advertising and marketing question. The “Monthly Vitamin Pak” will also keep you up-to-date on ways to promote your business. Each month you will receive a marketing/promotional tool that you can change and use for your business to increase sales, a live question and answer session so you can get your advertising and marketing questions answered, a printed newsletter which will keep you up-to-date on marketing and advertising issues and techniques which can be kept for reference, and an audio interview with a leading expert on different areas of helping you and your business.  
As a reader of my weekly marketing tip, you will be offered a monthly discount. You can become a charter member and your monthly investment will never go up. I will have more information about the “Monthly Vitamin Pak” out in the next few days. Watch your emails for my announcement and special offer.
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Philip Freedman

Your Doctor of Customer Acquisition, Retention and Enhancement

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