July 18, 2024

Phone Problems/Charter Spectrum Business

Good Day
This week I was going to tell you about my 3 levels of monthly service: Your Monthly Vitamin Pack, Your Marketing Medicine Cabinet and the top level, Total Wellness with Concierge Service. But I’m going to put it off for one more week. The reason is the problem I am having with this move.
If you want to call me, please use 817-616-5155. Below is why the new number.
On the 20th I had Charter Spectrum Business move my phone and internet service from my old location to my new one, about 2-3 miles away. I was told that there would be a $99 transfer charge, and that in order to keep the telephone number that I’ve had for 17 years now, I would have to pay an additional $15 per month. My new office had crossed some imaginary boundary line even though I’m still in the city of Hurst and in the same zip code as well. I said OK. Make sure that my old number 817-282-0443 is forwarded to the new number 817-616-5155.
The techs came and set everything up on the 20th; they were even on time. Got the internet set up and we got dial tones. A few days later another tech had to come back and put the phone and fax lines where I need them. The first tech line locator was not working, and he said he would be back the next day (not).
Well I was still packing and moving things and I could call out, so I thought everything was fine. It wasn’t until today (6 days later!) that I noticed that there were no voice mail messages or calls. I called my old number and got a recorded message informing callers the number is no longer in service. Yes, I hit the roof! I called tech support, and no, the line had not been forwarded. I’m hoping that by Thursday it will be corrected – 7 days later.
Also yesterday I got the bill for service plus the $99 charge and today I got a bill for the $15 forwarding fee and a one-time $25 charge.
Billing will be getting a very angry call from me very soon.
A few points:  First, plan for the worst and hope for the best. Second, always double check everything, no matter how tired you are. Third, have backup when things do go south. I sent out emails with my new number as soon as I realized what had happened, and I’m using this as an additional way to notify people.
Last point, please share this story with all you know; maybe someone from Charter Spectrum will contact me and apologize and give me a credit on lost service.
Until next week,
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Philip Freedman
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