July 18, 2024

Plan B or C

Good Morning

Did you ever have one of those days, everything going right and then, Bam! It’s all messed up! Well that’s what happened to me yesterday. I was printing a client’s newsletter. I had about 60 more to print when streaks started to appear on the newsletters. I sent a photo of the problem to my tech, and he texted me back what the problem was. Then he called me! I asked if I would see him in the morning with the needed part? No, was his answer. In two hours he would be on a plane and would not be back till Sunday and be in Monday morning!

Oh shoot! Now what do I do? Go to plan B. I used the printer I use to print emails, postal statements and other everyday paperwork. After printing ten copies it started to jam! Went to a second printer and it too jammed after about ten copies! At least I’m down to about 40 copies needed to finish

I turned on an old, very slow and low memory printer and hoped that it would still print, I printed out one to make sure. After I got it setup and printing correctly, I got it to print out about 30 copies before it crashed. The tech will look at it Monday as well.

All I have to print is ten copies and I’ll have the job done! I’ve already been through plans B, C and D. What to do? Well plans E and F is going to outside printers, businesses that have used my services and I theirs.

But then I had an idea. The little everyday printers still work and have cooled down so they might be able to print the last ten I needed before jamming. And one of them did. I got them all done!

What do my printer problems have to do with you, your business and getting more customers in the door?

When things go awry you better have contingency and backup plans, that you can put into place quickly or you will lose business.

Until next time!



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