July 23, 2024

Social Media Likes

Good Day  
For a lot of businesses, getting more likes, views and traffic to their social media sites is a top priority, because social media experts tell us the more likes and views we get, the more successful we are. Are the people who are telling you that working for or are connected with making their income from businesses using social media?
I have found that it is very hard to pay my bills with likes, views or comments. My creditors like money; maybe yours are different!
You have to make sure that views, likes and the rest result in sales. If not, then they are a waste of your time and resources.
Be careful. There is lots of useless and misleading information out there claiming that views and such are the end goal–but sales are the end goal. Money comes from sales, not views.
To be fair, there are ways to monetize views, likes and traffic. If you or your social media people don’t know them and you’ve been getting a lot of views and traffic but no sales, then you need to learn them and fast before you lose more money. Call me.
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Dr. Philip Freedman C.A.R.E.

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