July 18, 2024

Three Types Of Customer

Good Morning

I’m one of those old-fashioned type people, I like reading a newspaper. The paper kind. On Sundays, I pick up the local paper and I read it. During the week I read multiple ones online plus other news sources.

What I noticed in the local paper was an ad from their parent company for their lead-generation service. I also got emails from companies offering their lead gen services, list companies asking if I need counts for clients and emails from coaches/consultants that sell selling systems. Maybe you’ve been hit by some of these solicitations.

All of these solicitations are going after the most expensive customer – The New or First Time Customer!

There are only three types of customer/clients; Current, Past (former, old, lost,etc.) and New/First-time. There are costs associated with the acquisition and maintenance of a customer. After getting a customer, it costs much less to keep them as a current customer than it does to get a new one. The next costly group is the past customer to get them to do business with you again. This group already knows you and hopefully still likes and trusts you.

The new/first time customers can be broken into two groups: the referral and the cold customer. The referral customer is great to get. They can cost a little more than the current or past customer acquisition. It’s the cold customer that costs the most, and these are the ones that most of these companies are offering their services for.

Before you start spending lots of money getting cold customers, wouldn’t it make sense to keep your current customers returning on a regular basis? And working on getting your past customers to do business with you again and becoming current customers. Finally developing a referral program for your current and past customers to use.

Then, only then, should you spend money to develop and execute an effective marketing/advertising program to attract cold customers.

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