July 18, 2024

Freeways and Your Business

Good Morning

I drive on the Dallas/Fort Worth freeways quite a bit. One of many things I see is someone in the middle or left lanes move over to the far right exit lane almost within feet of the divider barrier, the ones filled with sand or water, as they take the exit. 

On my drive home I take an exit-only lane (my drive is short as I live 2 exits from my office) most of the way home. I watch as people drive into this lanes to get ahead of the rest of traffic. Most get out before they get too close to the exit. Some don’t get out of the lane until the broken white lane lines become a solid white or double white lines. A few even had to take the exit because they could not get back into traffic in time.

These people are either not paying attention to their driving and where they are going or they think they know what they are doing and are taking liberties with everyone else on the road.

Owners can plan out their goals and where they want to take their business or they can be like the drivers I see not paying any attention to where they are going and almost causing an accident.

Take the time to develop the road map for your business and then pay attention to it and the road you’re on and you will get to your destination.   

If you need help with your road map or staying on the road, just contact me; I have the compass.

Till next time.