July 23, 2024

Items to help get customers

Good Morning ,
I missed the last few weeks of sending out my tips. For the first one, the evening I write my tip for the week I had car problems, and by the time I got that taken care of and home it was late. The next week was Labor Day and I took off. And last week was my birthday. Plus I needed some time off after about 8 years of doing this every week.
I know if I planned ahead I could have some tips on file and just send them out when I needed to, or do them further in advance so when things happen they are still ready. But really how many of us really do things in advance or in case?
On to this week. Today I met with some very creative people to work on a project, and one of the things that came up was my completion of these marketing tips in book form. They had so many great ideas on how to do it that I’m going to give them a shot at it.
The big question that they asked first was, “How many copies do you want to sell?” Most people would say, “as many as I can.”
But for business owners, the question should be what do you plan to do with your book? Huh?
I plan to use my book(s) as (1) my business card. I walk in to meet a prospective client and give them a signed copy of my book. I’m now the expert in their eyes. (2) When speaking to a group, I’m introduced as author of xxx book. (3) Getting press on publishing a book. Have you ever watched a talk show? Most of their guests are pushing a book. (4) Break it down into other sellable products. (5) Ego. To impress family and friends. Wouldn’t you like to be the first one in your family and/or groups of friend to publish a book? And if we sell a few copies along the way, so much the better.
Now what about you and your book?
A word or phase that I am trying to eliminate from my vocabulary is “no, I can’t do that.” I’m trying to replace it with either “yes, we can handle it,” or if I’m not sure if I can do it or how to do it, I’ll reply, “Is it ok if I think about how to best do that for you?” Why turn down business? What negative phrases are you communicating to the public?
Ask for testimonials. Third party endorsements give your business credibility. But don’t just ask and leave it at that. Some businesses ask, please leave us a Google or Yelp review. Send your customers the link and ask them to write it while the event that triggered it is still fresh. Also you can either write it for them or better yet offer them a choice of a few testimonials that they can use. The testimonial should include how your product or service solved their problem. *******
Remember, you need to communicate with your base on a regular and frequent basis. If you don’t, you will not have a very strong relationship with them and therefore it will be very hard to ask them for almost anything.
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Till next time.