July 18, 2024

Marketing Planning

Good Morning ,
I got a call from one of my clients the other day. He wanted to let me know that he has fall/holiday season planned out and is producing the marketing materials. Sometime in the next week or two he will be stopping by to go over it with me. He is sending me a new updated mailing list as well.
There is an old saying: “Plan your work and then work your plan.” The same goes for promoting your business. Now is the time to start your planning for the fall and holiday/end of year time period. This is also a good time to start planning for next year.
As you start you planning for either the fall or next year you should think about whether you want or need to reposition your business. You need to evaluate your business and fine tune it to address the changing market. Review your targeted customers and the media used to reach them. Also look at and determine the proper marketing going forward to achieve your goals. If you need help or an independent viewpoint, let me know.
Speaking of proper marketing, last weekend Goody Goody, a local “wine and spirits superstore” chain, opened a few blocks from my house. My wife and I drove by just before they opened on their grand opening day. The parking lot was overflowing and the line to get in was around the building.
A few weeks before the grand opening they sent a 16-page booklet with specials to homes in the area. They offered free goody bags to the first 500 customers, a drawing for the opportunity to purchase highly allocated products, a drawing for tickets to a Dallas Cowboys game, radio station appearances, product tasting and free food (while supplies lasted). They were also offering 20% off 6 or more bottles of wine, and 10% off all beer and liquor. They even had a food truck out there.
I stopped by later in the day to pick up a 6 pack and they were busy. The clerk I talked to said it had been busy all day. Between the direct mail and the announcement on the radio stations, they had steady crowds all day. Not knowing their numbers I think they had a great opening. They were willing to do it right, because they knew that if done correctly the opening would be a success and also increase public awareness and sales for the future. Lets see what Spec’s does when they open; they’re just about a block down the street from Goody Goody.
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Till next time.