July 22, 2024

Missing Skimmers, Lost Sales

Good Day
Two weeks ago I wrote about a letter I got and some of the mistakes the letter writers made. I am sure you get many sales letters, so you know very few have a second read through.
When writing these letter you have to use methods designed for the skimmer, the person who just looks over the letter very quickly. After writing your letter you want to go back and highlight the key words and phrases that cover your main points. You highlight by bolding,underlining, highlighting with color, or boxing and shading. This makes these words or phrases stand out, which can be read very quickly and still get the message.

Also using:

  • Headlines,
  • Sub heads,
  • Bullet points

can help get your point across very quickly not only to the skimmers but also serves as reinforcement for the reader who reads the complete letter.

You can use this technique not only in print but also in email and web sites. This will work with any written communication!
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