July 22, 2024

4th Quarter Action

Good Morning

In a little over two weeks we will be in October and the start of the end of the year. The fourth quarter of the year. This is the time a lot of retailers go from red to black and other businesses start to slow down for the year. A common refrain that you hear in the coming weeks is, “We’ll look at that or do that after the first of the year.”

While your business might slow down, your bills don’t; they keep coming in. So what are you going to do? Cry!

No, first look at where you are in relation to your goals and financials for the year. If you are not on target, then now is the time to plan out a strategy to reach them. Not next week, NOW. Get off your behind; time is running out!

Then you have to implement that strategy. Yes, you have to take action to reach your goals!

In fact, some stores started promoting Christmas last week, and yesterday I got my first request for a donation from a charity to sponsor Thanksgiving Dinners, which means they were working on this for the past month or two.

To help you get started I am offering to you a FREE review of your advertising/marketing plans or a FREE critique of any single advertising/marketing piece, which can include email, website or web page, brochure, ad, text message campaign, social media post, or any printed piece.

To claim your review or critique all you have to do is contact me, but you have to act before time runs out! If you are ready to take action, want more information or you have questions, just contact me at Phil@MyMarketingCure.com

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