July 23, 2024

Are You Ready?

Good Morning ,
The signs and facts are evident: people are getting out more. Nationwide 61.4% of the eligible population 12 and older have gotten one dose of the vaccine. In Texas 54.7% of the eligible population has gotten at least one dose. I notice the roads are more crowded, and they all forgot how to drive. Business is starting to pick up. Are you ready for more business?
Are you really capable of handling more business? Do you have enough supplies and staff? Are you ready to get the word out? Are you ready and willing to do what is necessary?
Here are a few thing you can do that will help.
Do you have a Landing/Splash page other than the regular front page of your web site? This page is a great way to attract new visitors and get them into your dip email marketing system. Worldata Research recently found that Landing pages with NO navigation bar have a 67% higher overall conversion rate!
With no navigation bar, your visitors stay focused on what you want them to focus on (moving to the next step), not reading your blog, about us page and other things. Don’t distract them from the goal!
Speaking of Landing Pages, is this lead generation magnet using any-old piece of content you have lying around but doesn’t further the sales process? Is it an automated system for pre-educating and preselling your prospects?
Get as much information about potential and first-time customers as possible. I ask people who call me how they heard about me (most use Google). Before asking that question I get a phone number and email address. What information do you get, or do you and your staff let them slip through. How many lost sales does that add up to?
Are you hoping your prospects will just naturally want to buy from you? This goes along with hoping your customers will naturally come back and buy from you again and again with no frequent contact from you.
Do you communicate with prospects and customers more than once a month or worse once a quarter? Are you asking them to take action?
Always ask for the sale!
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Till next time.