July 15, 2024

Covid-19 Has Helped It?

Good Morning ,
Most small business owners are very self motivated; in order for their businesses to survive, they have to be. With the Covid-19 pandemic, owners have to be even more motivated than usual if they want to make it through this.
Now we all backslid during this time, some more than others, by putting on the pounds, binge watching most of the time, doing nothing and other non productive things. Others put this time to use; they started reading or exercise programs, or working around their homes or businesses.
It should be noted that a lot of businesses are working very hard just trying to survive, believing that we will be able to return to normal shortly. Forward thinking business owners know that until an effective vaccine is available to the masses, the environment that we are living in will be the new normal and the old will not be returning for a long time, if ever.
Truly successful owners, knowing this, took these past few months to reexamine and then reinvent their businesses to meet today’s conditions and needs. And they will be ready for the next new post Covid-19 normal.
It might be six months or more before life starts to get better, so businesses still have time to turn their situation around if they are motivated to do so. The first step is to study their product line and see if it still fits. Second is to examine their past and current customer base and determine whether they can still use the products and/or service? If not then these businesses will develop a new customer profile and secure a new customer base. The final step is to promote the business, products and/or services to their customer base clearly making them feel safe about using them and their business.
If this sounds like something you want to do, then you need to get motivated and get going. Help is here if you need it!
Till next time.