July 15, 2024

Creating Buzz

Good Morning

While in my office I have on a radio station that plays music for background noise. It took a few times hearing a commercial for it to sink in and for me to notice it (Major Marketing Point Here). The next time the commercial came on I paid attention. The company, an air conditioning company announced that they will be opening an office here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area within the next 30 days. They told a little about how they do business, and in coming commercials, they will explain more. They also gave their website to check them out.

The website www.Elmer.com has a headline that states “Elmer is coming… to DFW!” A large countdown clock is below that. The rest of the page talks about the founder and why he started the company and explains the services they provide. They also have a very attention getting color scheme. Check it out!

A few years ago I was consulting with the owner of a small business that did remanufacturing of toner cartridges. I helped him build the business to one of the top franchisees in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. But it’s what he did even before he opened. He joined the local chamber and went to every leads/networking group he could find. Not once but weekly for a number of months. People got to know him, his business and his story. When he finally opened his business he had already built a good-size customer base.

What do these two businesses have in common?

They both created buzz and interest before their businesses opened, and they touched their target marketing multiple times. They let people get to know them, like them and trust them without the people taking any risk.

Even if you are an established business, you can create buzz or interest, you just have to want to and be ready to. When you are ready, contact me.

Till next time.