July 23, 2024

CTA not CYA!

Good Morning

I was talking to someone the other day about social media and its use in business and how people are very interested in how many views, likes and reposts they get. It reminded me of a business person telling me about all the views and likes they got. I was impressed. I did read their posts when I got back to the office and even liked a few.

Anyway, what I discovered since then was that most people care about views, likes and reposts. I also started thinking of how to make money off this. At the same time I was studying this, a thought leader of the subject addressed this by saying, “you can’t pay your bills with likes.” He’s right. You have to convert views and likes into paying customers.

Viewing and then liking are just the first steps. You have to take the next steps to make the time spent pay off.

A lot of people think that if you just get your company name, tag line and maybe a web site out there, it’s good enough. They’re doing branding. they think, hey that’s what the big guys do and they’re successful. OK, they can do that, but what about you? How much money and/or time can you spend branding your company and not get any customers for that effort?

Branding for the sake of branding or getting exposure is OK for businesses that can afford it, but most businesses cannot afford to waste advertising/marketing funds much less any funds. I am not against branding, but it has to be the secondary goal of your advertising/marketing. The primary goal is getting people to do business with you by placing orders!

So every post or message you send out about your business needs to include two items. Without these, you are just wasting resources branding.

What are these items? You have to make an offer (sell something, even an appointment) and have a call to action (CTA) (tell what to do)!

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