May 22, 2024


Good Morning

I do a lot of driving, and I see a lot of what I call bad driving, such as people crossing over multiple lanes without notice to other drivers or their well being. Or going 40 mph on the freeway while holding their phone and talking on it in the middle or left hand lane. But the other day I saw something that made me think.

I was in the middle right hand lane waiting for the light to turn green. In the far left turn lane was a car about 2 cars back when the light turned green for the turn lane. The first two cars turned, but the 3rd car just sat there in the lane. I thought it might have stalled out or had another problem, but no, after a moment, when another car pulled up behind it, the car finally made the turn just before the light turned.

It got me to thinking as I was driving. That person was probably on their phone and was not paying attention to the light or anything around them. It was only when a car pulled up behind them that the driver noticed and got moving.

SO, what does this have to do with you and your business?

Business owners have a tendency to multitask and sometimes find it hard to stay focused or on task. But like that driver, you can’t multitask; you have to stay focused on the task at hand. If you don’t, it could harm you and others.

The next time you find yourself getting distracted from your task, STOP! FOCUS! And get back to work!

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