July 22, 2024


Good Morning I do a lot of driving, and I see a lot of what I call bad driving, such as people crossing over multiple lanes without notice to other drivers or their well being. Or going 40 mph on the freeway while holding their phone and talking on it in the middle or left hand lane. But the … [Read more...]

Goals Are Your Roadmap

Good Morning {First Name} While in traffic at a red light, I watched a car in one lane suddenly switch to the turn lane. It was like they just realized that they were in the wrong lane and heading in the wrong direction. The other one I see a lot is cars that are in the turn lane when the driver … [Read more...]

Plan Your Route

Good Morning {First Name} I'm on the road quite a bit, both freeway and street level driving. I see a lot of drivers who suddenly cross two or more lanes of traffic to take an exit at the last possible moment or leave the right hand lane that turned into an exit lane just before hitting the black … [Read more...]

Freeways and Your Business

Good Morning I drive on the Dallas/Fort Worth freeways quite a bit. One of many things I see is someone in the middle or left lanes move over to the far right exit lane almost within feet of the divider barrier, the ones filled with sand or water, as they take the exit.  On my drive home … [Read more...]

Social Media Goals

Good Morning ,Almost all businesses use social media, but very few have defined goals for what they want their media to accomplish for them. Without defined goals, businesses are wasting time and money, and yours is probably one of them! But so are most businesses big and small, so don't feel too … [Read more...]

Planning and Flexibly

Good Morning ,Around this time each year I do some planning on what I would like for the next year, business wise. Last year and early this year, I was starting to launch my customer recovery program that helps businesses get lost/past customers to come back and do business with them again and keeps … [Read more...]