July 23, 2024

Print vs. Web Graphics

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The other day I was talking to a friend who is a graphic artist working in their family-run printing company and we got talking about the differences in web based graphics and print graphics. There is a big difference. You can use one for the other, but it is only a one-way street.
For most web applications you can get away with graphics that are at 96 dpi (dots per inch), whereas for most standard printing you need at least 150 dpi and for commercial printing (stuff you would present to the public) you want minimum 300 dpi. 300 dpi is good for photos but for line art 1200 to 2400 dpi is better (high quality and commercial printing).
Now you can use higher dpi for web based viewing. It a bit of overkill like using using HD graphics when no one can view HD.
But if you use 96 dpi in print, you will notice the fuzziness or how jagged the graphic is. It’s putting a low resolution graphic on a high resolution monitor. You will have to have your printing reprinted at additional cost not to mention having to pay for extra time for a graphic artist to correct the problem.
This is just one of the many differences between web and print based graphics. When you hire a graphic artist, make sure you tell them whether their work is for the web, print or both. Also make sure they know the differences. If not, look for someone else. It might cost you a bit more upfront, but it will save you time and money and limit frustration later on.  
Would you like to learn more about the differences and how it can cost you? If so let me know.


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