July 23, 2024

In Person Business Expo

Good Morning ,
In a few weeks the Hurst Euless Bedford Chamber of Commerce will be having its annual in-person business expo. I have been an exhibitor for the last 20 plus years. I think I have only missed one in all those years. This year I will be having a booth.
I will be wearing a mask and not a Halloween one! I’m not sure what else I can do to maintain safety for myself and the visitors to my booth. Any suggestion would be helpful.
I will be doing all the usual stuff I do at the show: giving out pill bottles of life savers, information on how to increase sales, handouts about my business and having a drawing to collect business cards. The item I will be showcasing is a process we have that will help businesses get back lost/past customers to do business with them again and also a system to help those businesses keep their current customers from leaving them and going to the competition.
I am not sure how this year will go and will keep you updated. If you have any suggestions please let me know.
Till next time.