July 18, 2024

Just Promote Your Business

Good Morning ,
Driving around I notice quite a few personal vehicles promoting people’s businesses. They have rear window lettering, door signs and partial wraps. Some have bumper stickers promoting their favorite political or social issue. I’ve even seen a commercial truck espousing someone’s personal viewpoint.
When I saw the commercial truck I was reminded what an old friend who was a veterinarian and also a city council member told me. He said that as soon as he was elected that he felt that half the people hated him. This was before he had done anything! He also told me that after being elected he lost a lot of business; people would no longer bring their pets to him. Once he left office he was able to build his practice back up! In the years since he told me that, I have heard that from a number of people who held office.
What does this have to do with bumper stickers on cars? A lot!
It’s hard enough trying to get people to use your business as it is, why tee off people unnecessarily? When you use your personal vehicle for promoting your business you have to be very careful about the message you are sending.
It is not a good idea to both promote your personal viewpoints and your business at the same time! Just like it’s not a good idea to drive recklessly and flip off other drivers when your business and contact information is on your car.
The same goes for your social media. On your business pages keep it all business, and on personal pages don’t put your business on it. Don’t forget to check your privacy settings.
By keeping these separate, the hope is you will not have people hating you and lose their business before you even have a chance to convince them to try your business.
Till next time.