July 18, 2024

More About Your Customer

Good Morning

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This week – How to find out more about your customer and why they buy from you.

The first thing you must do is build a database of your customers. Include not only name and full address but also phone and email address and sales information as well.

How do you collect this information? In the old days, we used to copy the information off their checks. Some professions as a matter of their standard policy collect basic information. You can offer your customer a discount for filling out an information form. If you do, it would be a good idea to post your company policy on what you’re going to do with the information right next to your request and forms.

Once you have the basic information, you can send out a survey with other lifestyle questions. Again you have to give them something for the information.

Also you can also send your list to a list company that will append information such as income, home value and more to your customer list.

However you get the information, you need to learn who they are, what they are, where they are, why they buy from you rather than your competition, and when they buy from you.

Next week I explain what you do with this information and then on to the secrets the marketing companies will not tell you.

Remember – Great Things Happen, But You Have To Take Action, NOW!

Philip Freedman

Doctor of Customer Retention

“Nothing Happens Until We Take Concept To Implementation.”