July 18, 2024

Prospecting, Fine-Dining or Buffet?

Good Morning

Tuesday, June 13, was the HEB Chamber of Commerce 2023 EXPO at the Hurst Conference Center, and as you know I had a booth This year I was more selective about who I talked to. In years past I tried to talk to everyone whether they would be a good customer or not (mostly not). I was not quite like the man at another booth who was behind the table with his head down going over some papers. Or in years past sitting reading a book! I was up on my feet (after a few hours my feet were hurting) meeting people face to face.

A business coach that I know and follow emailed last week about getting prospects. He compares it to buffet and fine dining. Some people like all-you-can-eat buffets and equate bulk to value. Then there are people who prefer fine dining and value quality over quantity. Neither is wrong; people are just different.

The same with prospecting models. One model is to get as many as you can on your calendar, sometimes known as churn and burn. The other is to get a small qualified group that’s ready to do business with you, can pay and are easier to convert into clients.

I used to be an all-you-can-eat buffet person and still at times catch myself prospecting like that. But nowadays I am closer to the fine dining, quality over quantity model. On Tuesday there would be people that I did not spend a lot of time talking to and others with whom I spent quite a bit of time.

One thing a lot of the people at other booths don’t do is follow-up. I will be sending out an email to everyone who dropped off a card with an email address on it. I will also tell them that they will be getting my marketing tips email (this email). I also plan to send a few of them 2nd, 3rd and more follow-up emails and maybe some direct mail as well.

The big secret to converting qualified prospects to clients is multiple follow-up contacts.

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