July 23, 2024

Public Speaking

Good Morning

The other day one of the chamber leads/networking groups I go to was presenting this month’s calendar of events. One of the many events on the list was the weekly meeting of a local Toastmasters chapter. For anyone who’s not familiar with Toastmasters International, it is an organization with local chapters that teach people how to speak in public.

After that the roomful of people (40-50 people) gave their 30- second introduction (elevator speech), then the featured speaker (a member of the group) gave their 15-minute presentation. In the past some talks have been very painful while others were very informative and entertaining. But it got me to thinking…

Just how many people take advantage of either Toastmasters or a public speaking course? Most people don’t! Most small business owners never think about taking such action. I think that they assume they will never have any need. Then they go to a leads group, a chamber event or some other event where they have to introduce themselves and their business and they become tongue tied. Or maybe they will try to do a video for social media and it takes forever to get the words out!

Do you want to be effective at getting your message across? Do you want people giving you their undivided attention? Do you want to pick up more leads and customers?

Of course you do. Then either go to Toastmasters, your local community college, university or even the local school district community education program and learn public speaking.

I know many people would rather have a root canal or an IRS audit done than speak in public!


I am an introvert and in my early years had a speech problem (for years I took speech classes to learn to speak so people could understand what I was saying). So I took a public speaking course in college and learned how to get in front of a group of people and talk without getting tongue tied. I also had to learn to talk in front of a TV camera and on live television.

If I can do it, anyone can, so get over it and learn how to do it.

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Until Next time!

Rather speak in public than have a root canal!



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