July 15, 2024

Summer, My Hanging Herbs & Your Business!

Good Morning,
This summer I have a few hanging baskets of herbs and other plants on my patio. Being hanging basket plants, they tend to dry out faster than in-ground plants, so they need watering every couple of days. I can tell, because the leaves droop and then start to wither.
As I was getting ready to leave the office, it started rain. Of course I had left the front windows open a bit to let the hot air out of the car, so you know the rain was one of those heavy soaking rains. It finally let up enough so I could get to the car and wipe up the inside of the car. But I thought, good, the plants will get a watering from this heavy rain.
By the time I was halfway home (the office is about 5 mile from my home), I had driven out of the the rain. The streets were bone dry, and the sun was out. When I got home, I could see the rain clouds about a mile north of me. I can wait to see if the rains will come sometime today maybe and save a dollar or two, or I can just water the plants so they perk up and not die on me. I watered the plants, which means that, yes, it will rain and probably very heavily. By the way, as I type this, the winds are picking up.
OK, so what does the weather and watering my plants have to do with marketing and promoting one’s business?
Sometimes you have to spend some money to keep things going, even if it looks like maybe you’re going to get a bunch of business free of charge. A lot of times it just doesn’t happen!
Count on the plan that you developed, and carry it out regardless of what else is happening because the only thing you can count on is your well thought-out marketing plan.
Till next time.
P.S. it’s about 3 hours later and no rain, in fact it looks like the sky is clearing.