July 17, 2024

Goals Are Your Roadmap

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While in traffic at a red light, I watched a car in one lane suddenly switch to the turn lane. It was like they just realized that they were in the wrong lane and heading in the wrong direction. The other one I see a lot is cars that are in the turn lane when the driver decides they need to go straight. These drivers don’t seem aware of their surroundings and are on the verge of causing an accident. I just hope I’m not part of it!

Most people in business are the same as these drivers. They are just going along not sure where they are really going. They have no direction and because of that they are disruptive to everyone around them.

There is a simple solution: Know where you are going and have an idea on how to get there. Sure, sometimes you have to make a quick detour to avoid a pothole or some other problem. But with a plan you can avoid most problems. It’s the same with your business. By having goals, objectives, business and marketing plans and then following them, you can sidestep most of the common problems, foresee detours and get to your destination successfully

Make sure you have a roadmap, the right one, and are using it correctly. If you need assistance in developing or implementing your roadmap, have questions or want more information, just contact me. Call me at 817-616-5155.

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