July 18, 2024

Make Them Believe

Good Morning ,
Most of the time I delete unwanted emails unread, but every so often I stop and read one or two before I delete them. They are all the same, cold and uncaring about me and my needs. All they want to do is take my money and sell me something. No wonder a .25% -.5% response rate is great.
There is a way to get a high response. To make your direct marketing a success, remember the 40-40-20 rule. 40% is your list, 40% is your message and 20% is everything else (copy, design, website, guarantee, format, etc.)
When creating your marketing/advertising/sales message, whether online or on paper, you have to be intimate.
The tone of a good direct mail letter is as direct and personal as the writer’s skill can make it. Even though it may go to millions of people, it never orates to a crowd, but rather murmurs into a single ear. It’s a mesmerizing message from one letter writer to one letter reader.—Malcolm Decker
The next time you create your marketing message, make sure you are creating absolute believability, that your message is going directly from your lips to your prospect’s ear.
Till next time.