July 23, 2024

Passive and Intrusive Marketing.

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Last week I wrote about views and likes and how you have to convert them into sales. This week let’s back up a bit and explore passive and intrusive marketing.

Passive marketing is when you post something on social media and you let people come to you to view it if they want. Other than the posting, you take no action. If people are interested, they will seek you out. At most they might read the notification that you posted something.

Intrusive marketing is just as the name implies. It intrudes into a person’s activities. Imagine it’s Friday early evening. You and your significant other might want to do something for dinner but aren’t sure what. As you’re trying to decide, you look through the mail and see a postcard with a photo of a beautiful inviting table setting for two with the headline “What Are You Doing For Dinner Tonight?” The card is promoting the new Italian restaurant in your neighborhood.

Before you saw the card you might have thought about Italian but not any one place. What this card did was uncover a hidden desire. It intruded into your life and said loudly, “LOOK AT ME!”

If you want your marketing to go after prospects or people who might not have heard about your business or are not actively seeking you out, then you want intrusive marketing. With intrusive marketing you can uncover hidden desires that they might act on immediately or at a later date (filling your funnel).

Most people nowadays use passive marketing – social media postings. If a prospect doesn’t know about you, how will they see your posting? How will you fill your funnel with prospects.

You need to have a combination of intrusive and passive marketing, just like you have customers who are ready to buy now and ones who will buy later.

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