July 18, 2024

Plan Your Route

Good Morning {First Name}

I’m on the road quite a bit, both freeway and street level driving. I see a lot of drivers who suddenly cross two or more lanes of traffic to take an exit at the last possible moment or leave the right hand lane that turned into an exit lane just before hitting the black and yellow metal pylons. The one I really like is a driver making a left turn from the middle or center lane that is only supposed to go straight and nearly causing a crash.

My wife says these people are distracted. That’s a major part of the problem; they are not paying attention to driving. They are too busy talking on the phone, reading texts, eating, or a number of other things all while traveling at speeds of 60 mph and higher. They’re multitasking! Others just may not know where they are going.

If you are behind one of these distracted drivers, you want to pay attention so you get to your destination safely. What does this have to do with you and your business? You also want to keep your focus on your business and the marketing of it.

Too many times people lose their focus or get distracted with other things, and their business goes off in strange directions then it crashes and burns. Plan ahead, know where you want to go, how to get there and then pay attention, don’t get distracted. You’ll get to your destination.

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