July 23, 2024

Schedule Your Marketing Time

Good Morning

Every two weeks on Friday I have to pull up the hoses that are attached to the sprinkler to water my garden and backyard lawn automatically, otherwise the lawn crew will not cut the backyard lawn. On Saturday I sit down and do my Monday Morning Motivator; Wednesday evening is when I do my Marketing tip for delivery on Thursday morning. Wednesday and Sunday we get the garbage ready for pickup the next morning.

What does all this have to do with the price of eggs? It’s called scheduling! Whether you list them in your calendar or just remember them, you are still carving out time in your day to accomplish your tasks.

If you want to get ahead in your business and always have customers in your funnel (people giving you money), then you need to schedule time to work on your marketing just like you do for almost everything else. More important you need to treat this time as if it were an appointment with your customers. (In a general sense, it is a customer appointment.) Don’t move it around, cancel it or not use it for what it meant to be used for; it’s not the time to clean your desk or office.

Now go schedule time each week to market your business, then make sure you keep your appointment.

If you would like help on what to do during your marketing time all you have to do is contact me at Phil@MyMarketingCure.com, reply to this email or call me at 817-616-5155 .

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