July 18, 2024

These 5 Words Can Increase Your Sales

Good Morning,
Years ago I had some great sales training from my old friend Mike Stammer when he was with Sandler Sales Training. He taught me to ask questions and be curious.
I learn a great lesson or should I say lessons each time I forget to ask questions. Usually I end up underpricing the job and doing more work than I would have if I had asked more questions.
If you like to do more work or lose money on each job or really don’t want to sell additional services or products, then stop reading and do something else.
But if you’re like me, someone who hates losing money and doing extra work, then you have to ask questions. Plus, your questions need to be open ended.
One of the great open ended questions that can increase your sales is, “Tell me more about that…”
When you use these 5 magic words you open the discussion as to why they want or need what you’re offering. It also lets you dig in a very friendly way to get all the facts, because in most cases people will not come right out and give you all the facts. Not getting all the facts will cost you.
By using this question along with other questions you have the opportunity to create trust and caring in the relationship. Remember, people buy from people they like and trust.
Slow down, ask questions, build a relationship through trust with your customers and prospects instead of rushing on to the next thing on your list of “to do’s” and missing out on a deeper conversation that can lead to more sales.
Try it. The next time you’re talking to someone about work, use the 5 words “tell me more about that…” You will be surprised at the level of engagement and trust and more sales.
We have made it through one half of 2021 as of today. How on track are you to achieving your yearly goals? If you’re off track, now is the time for correction. Remember small hinges swing big doors! Small corrections now can pay off at the end of the year.
I like to wish everyone a Safe and Happy 4th of July!
Till next time.