July 15, 2024

7 Emotional Hot Button Copy Drivers

Good Morning ,

We made it through last week’s storm. We were lucky at home and only lost power for a little over an hour and no water problems. My office on the other hand was not so lucky. It lost power and then a water pipe in the office next door burst and we had about an inch of water on the floor. We finally got the water out and the carpet dry and are now back up and running.
Here is a basic rule of direct marketing (the only kind you should be doing, if you’re doing branding you are wasting your money) no matter what media you are using. Yes this will work whether you are doing Email, Facebook, Videos, Print, Telephone, Mail, Radio, or other Digital.
You must have at least one of these 7 emotional hot button copy drivers that make people act:
Fear, Greed, Guilt, Anger, Exclusivity, Salvation and Flattery.
Two of primordial human emotions that work very well together are Fear and Salvation, used in that order.
“If your copy isn’t positively dripping with one or more of these, tear it up and start over.” – Bob Hacker, Direct Marketing Writer and Guru
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