July 15, 2024

Customer Retention

Good Morning,
Welcome to the final quarter. This is the quarter in which most retailers make most of their sales and go from red to black. Hopefully this year will be no different. So how to make this last quarter better than the others?
For the last few months we all have been working hard just to keep our business running. Now that we have made it this far, we need to move ahead. During the spring and summer you should have been working on staying in contact with your customers making sure they knew that you’re there for them.
Now, with the holidays at hand, is the time to plan out how to encourage your customers to spend more money with you. By marketing loyalty programs, offering coupons, specials, refer-a-friend incentives, account sign-ups and other promotions, you can retain and maybe even grow your customer base and go from just surviving to thriving.
Need ideas on how to move forward? Just contact me; I’ll be glad to help!
Till next time.