July 18, 2024

Don’t Make It So Hard!

Good Morning

A friend and client called me earlier this week, We had just finished the first of three mailings for his customer. My first question was,”what’s wrong?” He told me we did not do anything wrong, BUT….

But what? Had I gone to the customer’s web site? No, so I did.

I got to the web site and was told to try to contact the company. The only way to contact was by emailing them. Now this company, a B2B company, offers a service that can be used in some cases immediately.

The post card had the name of a contact person and his email address, and near the bottom of the card in maybe 7- point type was the web site.

This company made it hard to do business with them!

If I wanted to give them money (an order) soon after I got the card, I would not be able to, and I would have gone to their competition!

Doing business with a company should not be hard! You as a business owner should give your customer/prospects multiple ways to contact you! Make it easy to give you money!

I know having someone answer the phone costs money as well as setting up a chatbot to answer web questions and maybe direct a customer to a salesperson, but it takes money to make more money!

The least my friend’s customer could do is put a phone number on the web site so people could contact them.

What about you? Are you making it hard for your prospects to do business with you?

If you need a free review or need help making it easier to contact you, give me a call or contact me by using this link and I’ll be glad to help you.

Till next time.