July 15, 2024

Email or Print?

Good Morning

I got a call today from a long-time friend and client; he wanted us to send out his organization’s end-of-year letter. As we talked, it reminded me of other groups, ones that switched from print to email. Over the years, groups and companies went from printed newsletters and announcements to email in order to “save on costs.”

One of the major consequences that most of these groups have seen is less interaction. Fewer people reading their emails and hence less participation.

With print, people had a tendency to look it over quickly when they got it, then put it down to read it fully later. They also left it out for others to pick up and read. (People reading the same piece of paper is better known as pass around.)

Some very smart and knowledgeable people will three-hole-punch their newsletter before they send them out and even offer a binder for people to keep the newsletter in. There was even an old joke about how most newsletters ended up in the bathroom (as reading material).

With emails, on the other hand, hopefully with an attention grabbing headline, the people to whom it was sent will open it and maybe read it before deleting it. Let me ask you this: How many emails do you get each day? How many do you delete without even opening them? How many do you even open and read? And how many of those you do read do you act upon?

Maybe the newsletter or announcement is placed on social media. Hopefully people (eyeballs) will see it before it is moved down and out of sight on their feed. Will they save it to read later, share it with others or repost it?

Which is better? Contact me to find out!

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Till next time.