July 18, 2024

Getting Your Emails Opened

Good Morning

If you’re like me, you get a lot of emails every day. If the subject line and maybe the first few lines of the email (in preview mode) do not catch our attention, it is deleted. If you are real good, you will highlight one and then scroll down a bit highlighting emails as you go and delete them all at once.

But every so often you stop at one, read the subject line and maybe even open it and read it. What made you stop? You know the sender, so you’ll read their emails. Maybe it’s the subject line that caught your attention. Or even the first few lines of the email if you view them in preview mode.

If you are sending out emails to a cold list (people whom you never contacted before and don’t know you) how do you get them not to delete you?

First you have to have a subject line that will get their attention. You have to enter the conversation that is going on in their minds. Or you have to stop them, interrupt them, get their attention!

Once you have their attention you now have to keep it.

Lots of emails go right into the sales pitch, before they establish rapport. My old sales manager told me that you had to establish rapport that lead to people knowing you, liking you, then trusting you and buying from you.

You can establish rapport by writing about things you have in common and by injecting personality into your email as well. You should also make your emails informational and entertaining or as my friend says “infotaining.”

You’ve got to make it so that when people see your name and/or subject line, they want to open and read your emails. As my friend says “Your best clients are buying who you are more than what you do.”

Till next time.