July 23, 2024

Google 5-Star Reviews

Good Morning

This past Tuesday I heard Tammy Salter, the owner of the Pipeline Road, Hurst, Texas PostNet, talk to the Northeast Chamber networking group and she did an outstanding job! Tammy spoke on taking your business to the next level and had a seven-page handout for people to work.

She and the handout covered: Branding Your Business, How to Grow Your Business, Time Management and more. As I sat there listening to Tammy speak, I remembered and learned a few things.

One was the importance of personalized handwritten thank you notes. That while emails only cost fractions of cents to send out and the thank you note costs close to a dollar, it is the thank you note that people remember, keep and sometimes respond to.

Tammy also talked about Google 5-star reviews and how they lead to higher listings in Google. How she had to ask customers for not just a review, but a 5-star review. You have to tell people exactly what you want and make it as easy as possible to them to do it.

My doctor has a new office management company, and now he hands out cards with a QR code on it asking for a review! Plus there are signs as you leave reminding you to give a review.

I have known businesses that send out sample text to help people who do not know what to say; they even include the link to the review page.

Back to Tammy’s speech. She ended it with an offer: If you did not get a handout, contact her and she will email you a pdf of it. Great way to collect email addresses for further marketing.

I remember some seven years ago when we first met and all the questions she had then. Now, the pebble is in her hand!

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