July 18, 2024

Great Outrageous Offers

Good Morning ,
Wow, what a Valentine package, only $9,999. The hotel would like to sell one, but even if they did not sell any, they got what they wanted, publicity! They probably had local news crews at their hotel talking up and showing their special Valentine package. They got noticed! A lot of buzz that just cost them some time.
If they had sold one, I bet everyone would’ve been very happy. Wise marketers offer top of the line packages. This might include ‘Special VIP Red-Carpet Service’ or the ‘Whole Enchilada’ package that may include all of a business’s products or services at top dollar. I offer an enhanced level of my Past Customer Recovery Program for only $2,600!
Offering a high-end or top dollar package is a great income generator if one or more of them is sold, but when tied to current events or a holiday they can also generate free publicity and additional business. But the offer has to be BIG or don’t do it. Don’t wimp out!
What high end service could you offer to your customers?
Till next time.