July 18, 2024

Losing 90 – 97% Of Your Prospects!

Good Morning,
This past Sunday I picked some pears off our tree. This year looks to be a bumper crop of pears. By the way, do you know pears do not ripen on the tree? They have to be picked and then left to sit for up to 10 days to ripen!
My wife and I picked about only 15 pears and we picked just the ones that were on the few branches that were bending down because of the weight of the pears. These were also the ones within easy reach for us. We did not want to get out the ladder to reach the ones higher up that might be bigger; it was too much work at that time. In any case, we will know in about a week if they are any good.
So what does this have to do with you and your business?
Chet Holmes, author of “The Ultimate Sales Machine,” conducted research that showed that 3% of your target market are ready to buy right now. Another 7% are open to the idea of buying, but not “buying now.” Most businesses and maybe including yours only go after the 3% that are “buying now.” Some also go after the 7% who are open to buying. That means that between 90 and 97% of your market is not ready to listen to you and will disregard any and all sales information they receive from you!
Let me briefly explain that the remaining 90% falls into one of three equal categories. The next third are “not thinking about it,” basically they are indifferent or neutral. The next third “don’t think they’re interested,” and the last third “know they are not interested.”
Most businesses, again maybe including yours, advertise to the total market as if they were the “buying now” 3% group. So let me ask you: Are you happy with a portion of the 3% that you have to share with your competition or would you like the additional 60-67% that your competition thinks is too much work to get?
I can help you reach that 60 to 67%; contact me for more information.
Till next time.