July 18, 2024

Metrics for your social media

Good Morning
In the last two marketing tips we talked about how to set goals for your social media if you want it to work for you and your business.
This week we cover the final part, where the rubber meets the road. Metrics!
By identifying your metrics you will know whether your social media is working the way you want and not wasting your time and money.
You need to tie metrics and key performance indicators (kpi’s) to each of your goals for each of the social media that you use.
An example of metrics for a goal of “increase awareness on Facebook” would include;

  • Fan count
  • Page and post impressions
  • Post reach
  • Link clicks (you should be linking to your company web sites)
  • Website analytics for Facebook referrals

To make sure that you are reaching your goals you need to track your data (kpi’s/metrics) over time. Then you can answer questions such as Are numbers ticking upwards in terms of clicks and conversions? Is your audience growing? Are they buying from you?
Whether the answers are yes or no, you’ll know for sure if your actions are working. Having your business objectives defined by specific, measurable results acts as a compass for your business, setting the direction to help you achieve your larger goals.
Till next time.