July 18, 2024

Pest or Guest?

Good Morning,
Early yesterday afternoon I got a text asking me, “How many years you been in Texas now?” I did not have the phone number in my list of contacts so my reply was, “Who is this?” I’m not giving out any information to someone I don’t know, would you?
Well, about two hours later I get “This is Taylor!(???) I’m a local in DFW and was wondering if you were interested in selling your house by chance.” You can guess what my reply was!
Almost every day I get calls on my office business phone. Like most businesses, I cannot screen the call by letting it ring and go to voice mail. As a business you need to answer the phone. More times than I can count it was a new customer who wanted to do business with me. For a lot of the calls there is no one on the other end. On some, someone comes on the line after I answer and wants to sell me money, develop a web site for domains that I no longer have or want to buy my house, which is not for sale. (They call on my business line and are confused when I tell them they have called a business.)
These are pests! They interrupt what I am doing and waste my time. First let me state that I know these are probably low-paid or working on commission people who are just doing their job. They are given a script and told use it “cause it works,” that “it’s a numbers game,” “it’s dialing for dollars and you got to get through the no to get to yes.” Sound familiar?
If they reworked their scripts they would maybe get fewer no’s and even a few referrals. They would be less of a pest.
Now, when you contact your prospects (through whatever media you are using), are you acting like a pest? Because how, when and why you are contacting them could cost you their business.
Review what you are doing NOW and make sure that your contacts are welcomed. When one has a pest, pest control is applied!
Want to discover how to be a welcome guest? All you have to do is contact me.
Till next time.